Monster Miles Davis Trumpet Headphone Review


The Monster Miles Davis Trumpet in-ear Headphones are a true work of art, crafted in a manner that imitates the style and essence of the great Jazz musician Miles Davis himself. From the light blue tangle free cord to the trumpet key styling of the headphone remote control.  Show the level of design Monster put into the headphones.  Monster’s exclusive technology places the driver directly in your eartip, with the earbuds resemble trumpet mouthpieces. The Miles Davis trumpets are designed to be elegant and effective. So how good do the sound?

This is where it truly shines, monster has crafted a little piece of music in these headphone, the sound quality is pristine and clear. It really feel like a soulful melody is played within your ear lobes. You can hear each instrument and I found myself hear different tones and sounds I had never heard before. also lyric and  vocals coming in very clear and acoustically feel like you are getting a live performances. On thing to note is that the Trumpet is not a bass heavy  headphone, which is good. It allows for the instrument to pop and music sound like you are in a live Jazz festival jamming away. The Next question; is it worth $300?

Yes, if you love music, and you want to listen to the pure sound of a musician in his craft, then yes. These headphones are  not crafted to give you super bass. But instead were designed to give you pure sound, and it does that well in every way. I am truly impressed by what Monster has created here with the Miles Davis Trumpet Headphones