-Mobile’s First HSPA+ Capable Handset Coming September?

Via Tmonews

T-Mobile’s first HSPA+ capable handset is due for September. LightReading claims that, according to an unnamed spokesman at Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile USA’s first HSPA+ handset which will fully take advantage of its HSPA+ network  is scheduled for a September launch, will be manufactured by HTC and will be running none other than Google’s Android OS.

Via lightreading

According to the Deutsche Telekom spokesman, the carrier has not made a decision on that. “T-Mobile USA has not decided yet if they will use the new 42 Mbps standard or maybe rollout LTE for the US,” he said in an emailed response. “This decision will be made at a later point of time after having considered all necessary aspects and the experiences made with both HSPA+ and LTE in the other markets of Deutsche Telekom.”


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  1. what is hspa?i thought it was a group who crack the applications

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