Mobelisk MoGo Chimera Enterprise Tablet Solution

Mobelisk MoGo Chimera-5 As the tablet industry grows, businesses are facing the dilemma of how to leverage this momentum and integrate these products into their corporate IT infrastructure to better serve their customers and enhance productivity.  Many businesses need specialized functions not available in consumer tablets, features such as bar code scanning, contactless payment systems or receipt printing. Fully-integrated, specialized enterprise tablets in the market today always force businesses to make huge compromises as they run much older operating systems, offer limited options for accessories, and are hampered with features and specs that quickly become antiquated in the face of newer, higher volume consumer tablets.


“The key to our solution is the propriety transposer layer (Patent Pending).  This layer is custom designed to flexibly integrate with each specific seven- to eight-inch tablet on the market, like the iPad Mini, Google Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7”, and Samsung Note 8.  This way it doesn’t matter where the buttons or access ports are on the tablet because they will be electronically accessed and controlled,” continued Hamann.  “MoGo Chimera’s rugged, durable shell then surrounds the transposer layer. The shell allows companies to choose from a variety of end caps to fit their specific needs, and it can be customized with a company’s colors or logo for consistent branding.”

While the MoGo Chimera can be customized to fit individual company needs, the case features several standard key functions to help upgrade consumer tablets for enterprise use, including enhanced durability, extended battery life and device security.  The smart case includes its own 4000mAh battery which doubles the life of a consumer tablet to ensure it stays powered for ten hours of heavy usage. In addition, the smart case features enhanced durability with sealed electronics to meet both Mil Std 810g and IP54 standards for enhanced shock, water and dust protection.  This ensures that a tablet can be dropped from a height of 1 meter onto a concrete floor on any side with no damage and can operate in less forgiving environments both inside and outdoors.  Additionally, the smart case features hardware security that puts the end caps through an authentication process when initializing.  Lastly, the device can be locked down using an outside software platform to ensure employees have access to encryption standards and internal IT systems.