Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850 Review

Microsoft Mouse 1850-1 Microsoft isn’t know much for their hardware, but mouse’s have always been their thing in the marketplace. Ranging from cheap to expensive, their mouse’s just work.  The same holds true for their Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850. The 1850 is giving you a simple, plastic, almost weightless mouse that can work with any computer or tablet that has a USB port. Coming with a scroll wheel and compartment that allows you to store the USB dongle accessory, you get more than enough for a name branded device costing $14.95.

In my use, connectivity was instant, scrolling with the wheel was pleasant, and the longevity of the battery is an afterthought. Small and compact, the device fits comfortably in your hands, and fits easily in any bag or purse. The 1850 is a must have a companion for anyone always on the go and knows the woes of using track pads and touchscreen for everyday tasks. Even is if you prefer something more feature set and premium feeling, having the 1850 as a backup device can’t hurt. Because of how seamless it worked in my usage, I ended up switching the mouse with my previous, more expensive counterpart.

Don’t let the price fool you, the Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850 is a great buy. For 14.95, it’s a steal for the consumer.