Microsoft Windows Phone Inner circle event “Boston”

Microsoft is making a big push with it s Windows Phone campaign.  I attended one of their inner circle events in “Boston, Which allows tech enthusiast to get a hands on experience of the new Windows Phone Devices and Mango OS update. It was a casual cool affair with prizes given out. Which in this case were 6 HTC Titians, plus tons of food and drinks. As you get to test out windows phone devices. They had one hand the Samsung Focus S, Focus Flash, Fujitisu Toshiba IS12T, HTC Radar 4G.

You can sign up to check out the Inner Circle tour in a city near you.

14-Nov Atlanta

14-Nov Houston

16-Nov Philadelphia

16-Nov Charlotte

17-Nov Dallas

17-Nov Nashville

17-Nov Phoenix

21-Nov Seattle

Ready to party? Then register here!




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