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Microsoft Windows 7 Launch Event Boston Oct 5… Updated

Microsoft event

Just returned from the event, sorry couldn’t live blog due to crappy 3G connection via T-mobile and no wireless set up.

Summary of the Event.

  • Breakfast  from 7.30 -9.00 AM
  • Had a few developers and hardware makers. i.e Segate, Norton’s, Kaspersky, Cisco, AMD, IBM, Dell, Infosys to name a few

The developer event started at 9.00am and ran till 11.20am. This included three different lectures. of about 45 mins each

Taking Your Application to the Next Level with Windows 7

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Windows 7 has several user interface and performance enhancements from the Windows 7 Taskbar, Jump Lists, and more. While your application will run on Windows 7 without leveraging these new features, your users will be far more productive if they are able to quickly open recent documents and records, find information and navigate your application in a natural way that is consistent with the rest of their Windows 7 experience. In this session, we will show you how to make your application shine, optimizing the user experience and performance on Windows 7.

Building Next Generation User-Interface with Multitouch and Ribbon on Windows 7

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Learn how Multitouch and the Ribbon provide you with powerful capabilities to differentiate your application. Multitouch is how we interact with objects all day every day in the physical world. Windows 7 supports multitouch out of the box so you can extend this same paradigm into the software world.

With very little code, you are able to recognize and respond to multiple gestures at once and give your users a very natural method of interacting with your application. The Ribbon allows you to replace the outdated battleship gray chrome in your application with a rich, animated UI. In this session, we will explore both the multi-touch APIs, as well as the Ribbon’s markup-based UI.

Beyond Human Interaction with Windows 7 Sensor and Location Platform

To be honest the presentations where slightly on the boring side but very interesting all the same.  One of the cool features discussed was the use of sensory based programs  such as light sensors on LCD screen that can and adapt to the ambiance. Allowing the user to see better of the screen and reducing things like glaring. In it wasn’t a bad experience to sit down for 2 hrs + to get a free copy of Windows & Ultimate. There you have it.

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