Microsoft Social Media Phones “Kin” Announced


Coming to Verizon the Kin aims for the side kick crowd that Microsoft lost a bit to Motoblur. From the video and what we can see here. This truly is the Social media phone we have been hearing rumors about. Literally the phone is plastered with real-time social media updates view status and much more that takers connectivity to a new level

Via Gizmodo

Kin’s got three headline features: the Loop, the Spot and the Studio. If you’ve checked out Windows Phone 7 and its Live Tiles, the Loop will seem sorta familiar—it’s basically your favorite people and feeds, with their status updated in real time on your home screen. It’s the first thing you see when you turn the phone on, and unlike a standard Twitter timeline, it has a collage-y look to it.

Like Palm’s WebOS and Android 2.0, it integrates all of your contacts from Facebook and MySpace and Windows Live. There’s no Facebook or MySpace app, because everything is integrated. Your profile picture’s on the phone, for instance. The latest status updates from the friends you actually like show up in the Loop, but you can also deep dive into their profile, where you can see all of their info from Facebook or MySpace or whatever.

The Spot is one of Pink’s unique UI features—a dot, or spot, I suppose, permanently affixed the bottom center of the screen, you drag anything you want to share, from websites to photos to videos to status updates, down to the Spot, along with the people you wanna share it with, and it’s zapped over via the medium of your choice, like MMS or Facebook or email.

The Studio is the online portion of Kin, the site where all of your info is backed up, and you can view it like a timeline, with photos, messages, videos, call history and more arranged in grouped collages. Built on Silverlight, it’s oddly perhaps the most impressive part of Kin, creating the most seamless phone-to-PC-to-cloud experience ever. Everything—every photo, every video, every message—is backed up in full resolution, with geotagging to Studio. Every change, like adding contacts, you make in Studio is automatically synced to your phone. And it can do just about everything your phone can, like share via the Spot or check out the Loop. Simply put, Studio is the model for what an internet-connected phone experience should be like.

Kin One


A squircle-shaped slider that literally fits in the palm of your hand. It’s got the least impressive specs—a tinyish 320×240 screen, 5 megapixel camera, VGA video recording, 4GB of non-expandable storage, less RAM.

Kin Two

500x_kintwoclose 480×320 screen, 8 megapixel camera, 720p video recording, 8GB non-expandable storage. Both run on Nvidia’s Tegra

Video Demo



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