Microsoft Band & Health: Unboxing first Impressions & Setup

Microsoft Band-4

The  Microsoft Band is the first fitness wearable from Microsoft to hit the market, and the company isn’t planing games. Available Online via the Microsoft Store and its brick & mortar counter parts the Microsoft Band retails for $199 and can be used with the Microsoft Health app on wait for it… iOS , Android & Windows Phone devices. Making it a very versatile fitness band that also has a lot of smart Notification features. Unboxing the Microsoft Band  the device is a bit rough on design , with an oblong shape that does make sens due to its ability to constantly monitor your heart rate. Its also water resistant, dust resistant. got a full activity and sleep tracker. You can track your daily physical activity and review your stats with a glance at your wrist. Just like a personal trainer, Microsoft Band guides you to improved wellness by constantly learning about you, your current fitness level, and your future needs. You can Map the routes you’ve run, biked, or hiked and save your favorites.

BooredFemme’s Video Thoughts

Microsoft Health is where everything comes together for the Microsoft Band liek its iOS counterpart Apple Health Kit. Microsoft Health is a well details data repository that also you to maintain your fitness goals as you move from device or operating system. It helps you live healthier by providing actionable insights based on data gathered from the fitness devices and apps that you use every day. It’s designed to work for you, no matter what phone you have, device you wear, or services you use. Microsoft Health makes tracking personal fitness easier, more insightful, and more holistic. You can also Maximize your fitness with a choice of expert-designed workouts that are just right for your needs. Overall I like out I see out of the box form Microsoft fitness Band and is Health software. After so intense work outs lets see out it handles in the review.