Microsoft Band & Health Indepth Review

Microsoft Band-4 

 The Microsoft Band is the first fitness smartband from Microsoft and while it doesn’t look super slick and sexy Microsoft has backed the band with more features and sensors than any other on the market. Yes 10 sensors to ensure the band tracks everything you need in your health and fitness growth. It various functions include, monitoring your heart rate 24 hours a day so you can perform at your best, and yes its that accurate to give you constant heart  rate monitoring .  Map the routes you’ve run, biked, or hiked and save your favorites. Also use guided workouts from Microsoft health to improve you fitness regiments

The Microsoft Band also has some smartwatch capabilities like email previews and calendar alerts appear right on your wrist so you know what you have to do and where you have to be even on the go. And with help from Cortana on your Windows Phone. Allow you to receive and view all your incoming notification while shedding those pounds during your work out. The Microsoft band is rated to have up to two day battery life, which sounds great but in all honesty is closer to a day and half. Which isn’t bad just wished we got up to a week on all these wearable devices.


Microsoft Health

Microsoft Heath is the true gem here in this combo package from Microsoft, design to be you on stop shop fro all you fitness needs and reads. Lets start off with it cross platform functionality, while its competitors like Google and Apple are maintaining closed platforms for it smartwaches and fitness wearable. Microsoft device that it was time to open things up, by using its Azure servers to aid you in you fitness journey. So even if you change devices, your data is always with you and accessible, from iOS, Android & Windows phone. You also have guided workout which is a huge addition and something no other fitness app provides. Wherein, a user can get guided work out from a number of trusted sources like Golds Gym, Men fitness and such. Which is a huge aid for those trying to get fit. There is more to the software that we get into and you can see more of that in the video review above.

I am very impressed with the Microsoft Band & Health and what Microsoft has tried to bring with the Band & Health. Plus the fact that different apps can be tied into Microsoft Health. Takes this to the next level and something I think a lot of people will enjoy has a lot of benefits.