Microlab FC 50 2.1 Speaker System Review- “Just Listen”

MicroLab FC 50-1 I am only now recovering from walking several hours a day through the vast forest of technology that was CES 2013. Calling the experience a mental physical overload is probably an understatement. To try to pretend like it is not worth every second of soreness and random pain felt would be a misleading. It was a blast and I can’t wait to do it all over again.

Let’s talk tech. While it was difficult to peel my eyes and ears away from some of the gargantuan TV’s that were on display; it did have to be done and my retinas could only take but so much. My ears started to get a little jealous. I began hitting some of the smaller booths and this is when a chance encounter turned into something special.

You look up at this booth and the sign says Microlab “Just Listen”. I am not one who likes to be told what to do but as I stated my will had been broken by CES after walking around for the last 8 hours asking the similar questions about availability and anticipated pricing etc. you know, the “work part”. This is when I noticed an All white set of very intriguingly designed 2.1 speaker system, the Microlab FC 50.

This speaker system had a really cool open enclosure design that just highlighted the Cone shape, similar to an old school record player but with a clean modern twist. When I touched the cone it I realized that the material was made of a durable plastic which had a very consistent symmetric visual balance to it. It was accompanied by a medium-sized square-shaped subwoofer that kept similar design sensibility but had a very nice leathery feel in comparison to the desk speaker which almost seemed to float in mid-air on their base. This was when I looked up again to remember what booth I was in. Yes, “Microlabjust listen” it said. “Ok, I will take a quick listen. “

MicroLab FC 50-5

Now I will remind you I am on the show room floor with speakers, TV’s, projectors, cars, ovens, and pretty much noise everywhere. Not the best auditioning environment. So I still was not “on board” yet. As I peered around the device looking for a volume control this is when a nice lady and gentleman came over and offered to assist. I was hoping they worked there because if not this was just going to be weird. They did in fact work there and pointed me to this puck shaped device that I would have likely ignored for another 30 seconds before giving up and moving on. Well thank goodness for them pointing to the “puck looking device” (their RF wireless volume control).

I took a few moments to tell them who I was and that I wanted to “Just listen” to the system, which garnered a smile but not a chuckle. They also were tired from the long day because that was fun-ny!! Ok it was mildly entertaining; Alright, I stand corrected; I am lucky they didn’t remove me from their booth. Once I avoided what could have been an international incident in comedy, I plugged in my Galaxy S3 and began listening to these speakers and they sounded surprisingly good. For their size and given all of the ambient noise in the area it was pumping out some serious sound that was pretty full in range.

I knew this was not the best test of these speakers, so I wanted to take them “Onsite”. I was really interested in testing them more thoroughly because I was pretty sure they had something special here. We shipped out a set and I did a more thorough audition, which meant I pushed, Classical, jazz, Reggae, Rock and Rap music through these rather diminutive speakers at low, medium and HIGH volumes. They performed like they were in the last year of their NFL contract and were up for free agency. (That’s very well for you non-sports fans)

These speakers handle every genre with ease! They deliver big sound in a small package and the harmonic distortion is nominal at the highest volumes. The best compliment I could give the speakers is that I want to keep them. When you find something that looks this sexy and sounds this good, you make room for them. This Hi-Fi 2.1 system would be most at home attached to a nice gaming rig or used as a supplemental audio system for a small to medium-sized room. They sound great but remember, we are talking 54 watts RMS. Please don’t try to host a block party with these then flame me on how you got fired as a “DJ No Clue.” All in all, a solid, if not strong performer for the $200 or less price ranges.