Martian Victory Smartwatch: A different type of Watch

Martian Victory smartwatch-5 Martian Victory watch is a Smartwatch, and don’t let the pseudo-analog look fool you. Martian was designed to give you a deliberate elegant watch look with a Smartwatch brain and I do like that about it.  The Martina retails for $299 and you can pick it up via ATT. So what makes the Martian Victory different? First off its design say it’s a watch. Second it works with almost any device via Bluetooth. meaning if you have a feature phone that has Bluetooth connectivity you can connect your Martian victory and receive call on the device. that’s right its got built in speakers & a mic- though I would say the quality was average at best.  Now if you have a smartphone (iOS from iPhone 4 up , Android 4.0 device) you can download the Martian app that gives you more functionality with the watch. Because within the watch face is a ticker, that allows you to see incoming notifications for pretty much all your apps. Yes you get them from the usual suspects, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Text & Email. You can go in and add more apps to that count and key buzzing all the way through. Plus you do have voice recognition use, with either Google Now or S voice on Android and Siri on iOS, plus the Martian has even got the ability to control your camera– at least the front facing camera.

Now with all that functionality packed in the martian doesn’t skip out on battery life; the device has two batteries. One that powers the analog clock for two years and the other that last about 3 days before need recharge via the side micro-USB port.  The Martian Victory is a solid watch that does a lot of things right in the smart department. But essentially, it only handles notifications. One area that I don’t like with that is how small the ticker is; it can be a little difficulty viewing the information of the ticker. But you can use the voice controls to read out your text, emails and messages. Overall I do like the Martian Watch, its a Watch first that has smart connected functionality. I love to see what more the do in the future with the Martian Smartwatch line