MadCatz Tritton Primer Xbox 360 Branded Headset Review


[ad#ad-1]The Primer Wireless Stereo Headset uses 5.8GHz wireless technology to connect with the Xbox 360. In addition, the Primer includes precision balanced 40mm neodymium drivers and controls which allow gamer to separately adjust volume and in-game chat levels. The Primer is the third of four co-branded headsets to be released for the Xbox 360 and the first wireless product in the range. The Headset is comfortable and easy on the ears. The sound quality of the headset is incredible, crisp and clear and the range of the 5.8Ghz frequency is amazing and you can cover a great distance with this headset. It is priced at under $100. The Xbox 360 Primer headset, is a well crafted piece of work, what you have are two 40mm drivers on each ear cup to give you clean crisp sound. The right ear cup house the battery bay for two double a batteries, while the left ear cup you have controls for volume in-game chat volume, power /sync button, mic mute button and a line in jack to connect directly to your Xbox 360 controller. They unit also has a sync station which connects to your Xbox 360- via micro USB to USb and allows for wireless audio syncing. So how good doe sit sound and can we get the same rang e we got from the hands-on at CES 2012


The Tritton Xbox 360 Primer Headset show the value of great partnership, with a well crafted head set. That meets all expectations. On it is comfortable., though the ear cups look small. It actually fits very well, it is wireless and easy to set up, no rocket science degree needed.  Plus the wireless range on this thing is great, I maxed out at about 40- 45 feet. Which means for most people you can sit anywhere in your house and play or at least listen to audio on your Xbox 360. Over I love it and only wish the headset was recharge and didn’t use double A batteries. Definitely a worthy buy!!


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