MadCatz M.M.O.7 gaming Mouse Review


13 buttons, 78 user definable commands, a highly customizable and user-friendly software interface. That and more is the promise of the new MadCatz Cyborg MMO 7 mouse. Like its name suggests this is the mice for the avid MMO gamer.

Look and feel
The MMO 7 is a solid-looking piece of gaming technology. If you want a mice that says badass gamer with just a single glance then this is the mice for you. The build quality of the hardware along wish the counter weight system provides a level of control and precision you would expect from any 100+ USD mice. What stands out about this particular mice is its swappable palm and thumb rest, as well as its adjustable length. These features contribute to the overall sturdiness and comfort of the device. I had to try a couple of combinations of palm rests before I got the right fit.

Ease of use
I’m no stranger to extra buttons on my devices. I’ve use more than my share of gaming mice and keyboard combinations from every major gaming accessory manufacture. The greatest factor on how long I keep these devices is how easy it is to setup and then use in-game. The MMO 7 does not disappoint on this point. Its software, once downloaded is easy to understand and setup. One point of note is the fact that no physical cd comes in the box, so you’ll have to head over to their site to download the drivers and customization app. Setting up my key binding for a quick game of Tera was a breeze. However, although I downloaded and installed the wow (that’s world of warcraft, for the noobs out there) add-on it would not work, consistently, in-game. The premise of this add-on is to create a dynamic (on the fly) key bindings for WoW without having to leave the game environment. When it worked it was useful, perhaps even a game changer.

Final Thoughts
I’m pretty impressed with the device; it’s a notable upgrade from my old dependable Logitech G5. It’s going to take some time to get used to all the button configurations but I think it’s worth it especially for my gaming style. If you’re thinking of updating your current gaming mice or just looking for the latest and greatest in gaming tech, you can’t go wrong with the MMO 7.