MADCATZ Cyborg S T R I K E 7 Keyboard Review Geared for the Best

Sometimes its more important to feel the keys of a keyboard at the tip of your fingers, not because you’re experiencing the unrestrained joy of fragging the annoying sniper on you favorite FPS or even because you just dominated the toughest dungeon in your favorite MMO. Sometimes, once in a blue moon, every now and then, its just great to appreciate the feel of a well crafted piece of gaming accessory. Looking at Mad Catz’s Cyborg Strike 7, you already know that this is the proverbial Maserati of the gaming keyboard world. Form, Style, Customizability and ultimately price, all of these factors sets the Strike 7 above its closest competitors.

The main stand out features of this keyboard is the touch screen display which can assist you from lunching a program to controlling your default music app, and its modular build that allows multiple configuration for your gaming pleasures. Borrowing modifiable technology from the world’s most adjustable mouse – – the award-winning R.A.T. – – the S.T.R.I.K.E. 7 Gaming Keyboard’s unique design provides unprecedented customization options to enhance overall comfort. Armed with total control of your keyboard’s fit, size, color, sound, and programming, you can finally play your favorite games exactly as intended. Program advanced macros, adjust backlighting, and take in-game control of external functions – – balance game and chat volumes, launch apps and websites, even initiate and control TeamSpeak – – all with a few simple finger taps. Adding four programmable macro buttons to the mix, the removable Function Strip brings the total to 24. Including the V.E.N.O.M. touchscreen, the S.T.R.I.K.E. 7 Gaming Keyboard incorporates 24 programmable macro buttons over three modes to create 72 user-definable commands.

Overall there is little not to like about the Strike 7 except its price. At 299.99 this is not a purchase to be taken lightly, but before you decide that this keyboard is overpriced for you, ask yourself these questions, Does your keyboard speak for your gaming prowess? Does your keyboard draw the line between pwning or being pwned? Then this is the keyboard for you.