Lulu Avenue Cordoba Necklace & earing Review

Lulu Avenue Cordoba Collection (10) Try new jewelry you ask? Of course!!! Add exclusively designed jewerly to my wardrobe? Of course!!! Need I say more? The wonderful folks at Lulu Avenue sent me a beautiful matching necklace and earring set. I must say, I am impressed. I usually have two categories of jewelry: special genuine gold or silver pieces, or chatchky fun costume jewelry, that never lasts so usually ends up getting tossed or given away when they get too worn. My new matching set was perfectly timed and themed for Saint Patrick’s Day, Boston spirit style, but just without the parade. As much as I wanted to be decked out in all green, this lovely set, along with my green manicure, were my way of showing my Irish pride on St. Patty’s Day. 

 Both pieces are a gold plate finish, with moissanite gems. The emerald green very appealing, and having friends try the set on also, we found the shade to be flattering to all skin tones. The Cordoba necklace is 16 inches in length, with a 2 inch extender. You could actually consider it reversible, to be worn year round. Although the front setting are the emerald green gems, you could esily wear it in reverse to look like large gold beadwork, or to that affect. The Regent long earrings are dangle/drop style, with beautiful crystal clovers. They are nice and lightweight, with long ear wires to help prevent loss. I would still recommend using the rubber stops just in case. I was slighly worried i would lose one. Attention to detail lends to showign the quality design. On the each piece, you see the classy Love Knot logo on the back, even etched in the hinge end of the earloop. Of course I can appreciate the story behind it, “The Love Knot was inspired by the ancient Celtic and Chinese knot characters symbolizing love, trust and harmony. The symmetrical knot is interwoven into itself with no beginning or end; this design is a perfect depiction of the company vision: unity, trust and love.”

Pricing could be a topic, but not a big deal. At $99 and $59 for each piece, I think it should target the right market. They also seem to have plenty of promos. For those who really do just buy disposable jewelry, this may not be for you. But then again, that does not appear to be the target customer for Lulu Designs. The perfect customer is one who wants well made, high end looking jewelry, without a high ticket price. You can easily find costume pieces priced higher than that at most retail stores such as Banana Republic and other chain stores. What a lovely surprise in style and design. I look forward to seeing more.