Logitech Z537 Bluetooth speaker system review: Loud and clear

In a world of laptops, it’s hard to find good sounding and convenient speakers. Laptops offer power and portability in a small package, but the sacrifice is almost always sound. That is the problem Logitech is trying to solve with the Z537 speaker system with subwoofer. This Bluetooth speaker system is designed to make your laptop a sweet sounding video making machine.

Wait a minute

To start, the funniest first impression we get when opening the box is, “Boy that’s a lot of cables for a Bluetooth speaker system.” Indeed, just because you’re using Bluetooth speakers, doesn’t mean your days of running cables are over. The speaker system is comprised of two desktop speakers, one subwoofer, and one volume control, which also adorns your desktop. Power and audio cables run throughout the system attaching everything to everything (or so it seems)“What’s left?” you might be wondering. The cable that attaches to your computer, which is where the Bluetooth comes in.

The right choice

Frankly, that’s the most important cable to get rid of in the entire setup. For one thing, this is a desktop speaker system – this is not meant to go with you to the beach. So, cables tethering it to a desk aren’t a problem that needs to be solved. Indeed, had Logitech tried to eliminate those cables, it probably would’ve be an awful experience. But Logitech did eliminate the one cable which would have been annoying – especially for a laptop – the one that connects to the computer.

Plugging and unplugging a cable to a laptop can be annoying at times. Keeping track of the cable while the device is not plugged in can be a headache in itself, or at the very least, require a clever lifehack. Replacing this core element with a wireless Bluetooth connection is the best implementation. Bluetooth is more than capable of filling in here. And of course, if you don’t want to use Bluetooth, you can instead use a 3.5mm or RCA cable.

Big and loud

Our review units are all black/grey with gold on the speaker cones. There are no speaker grills on the desk mounted speakers. Those with small children may want to take a pass. The “Logitech” branding on the bottom front of the desktop speakers is subtle and doesn’t detract from the overall look. The desktop speakers are on the big side, measuring 170mm tall x 100mm wide x 85mm deep. On our desk, they fit right in. On yours, that’s for you to decide.

The speakers themselves are loud. Impressively, undeniably loud. They take you right back to your stereo-blasting high school days without breaking a sweat. The speakers can handle 60 watts RMS and peak out at 120 watts. The booming sound coming out of these speakers is clear and crisp, even when approaching peak levels. The bass from the subwoofer is heavy and hard. It dares you to blast some dubstep or crunchy heavy metal.

Not tied down

And the best part, as already mentioned, is this is all done with Bluetooth, so you’re free to grab your laptop and run. The speakers are quick to connect to our MacBook and gleefully played anything we cared to throw at them. The desktop volume knob also carries a power switch and Bluetooth switch for easy pairing. The subwoofer has a separate volume adjustment so you can get just the right sound.

Make no mistake, these bad boys fill a room with ease. Go ahead and set up a personal sound studio at home, but make sure you get a thick door and some ear protection if you plan to crank it. But even at lower levels, these speakers sound fantastic. The convenience of losing the audio cable is a perfect match for laptops. If you are using a desktop, go ahead and plug them in, though there’s no noticeable lag. If you’re in the market for a great sounding and loud set of desktop speakers, look no further.