Logitech unveils new Ultimate Ears range, includes Mobile Boombox for $99

ue-4000-qv-galleries-and-thumbnails Logitech today announced the launch of a new line of Logitech UE™ products. The products enable people to enjoy their music when and how they want, delivering seamless wireless audio, facilitating discovery and making sharing simple with a complete line of music products that take you from morning to night. The new offering includes earphones, headphones, wireless speakers, and a smart radio. You have got trio of speakers that push tunes from your smartphone, including a $180 WiFi-connected Smart Radio, a $250 Boombox and a $100 Mobile Boombox, The company also has a range of headphones from the UE 900 noise canceling in-ear headphones,  to UE 9000, UE6000, UE 4000 headsets. All priced from $400- $100 respectively.