Logitech UE Boom Portable Speakers Review

Logitech UE Boom-7 Logitech UE Boom is the company’s all new portable speaker system. The UE BOOM is a 360º speaker that provides a very crisp, bold, immersive sound in every direction. This cylindrical portable speaker is water resistant to give you the flexibility of having the speaker system almost everywhere, from bbq to the pool side. Battery life on the UE Boom is phenomenal, with up to 16 hour battery life, allow you to listening to music for hours on en; plus tap the + and – buttons to hear how much power is left on the system.

The UE Boom can connect via, aux, Bluetooth and NFC; NFC connectivity didn’t seem to work well for me but over Bluetooth the music quality was sharp and crisp, filling up the room with great sound. The UE Boom also comes with a UE Boom companion app on iOS and Android that allows you to double up and have two UE Boom speakers and have dual stereo sound. Plus the app allow syou to set your listening type to take full advantage of the speakers. The UE Boom retails for $199, available in six colors and is worth every penny in sound alone, plus the other features of water resistance and the companion app make for a very compelling case of  a portable Speaker system that has summer written all over it.