Logitech M560 Wireless Mouse

Logitech M560-2 Logitech has done yet another fantastic job with bringing as much functionality to the finger tips of the user. The Wireless Mouse M560 comes equipt Windows 8 specific buttons to do just that, even if the user doesn’t have a touch screen monitor. This mouse will run you about $40 from Logitech and is worth every penny. It’s lightweight sturdy design is perfect for computing on the go without sacrificing durability. Takes just one AA battery, which comes with it – and should give you over a year of use! Obviously results will vary, but they do claim 18+ MONTHS on one battery. Talk about eco-friendly!

Couple things I forgot to mention in the review – The thumb buttons are completely customizable! You want them to be forward, and back, no problem. You change them to whatever you like. Logitech also offers a THREE YEAR limited warranty. The only part I don’t like is that the “scuplted” design seems to be for a much smaller hand than mine. I find that my thumb is frequently pinching in to maintain a grip on the mouse, giving me some stress in the carple tunnel area. For my hand, it’s a little small.