Logitech K780 Review

The highlight of the K780 f rom Logitech is shifting between three devices by simply pushing buttons allocated for each device via Bluetooth. The keystroke makes almost no sound and are precise. I’m currently using this with my Android smartphone and  my laptop. It helps make me be more efficient with completing my tasks. Though it is slightly heavier than some wireless keyboards, it fits comfortably in a backpack.

I got this keyboard to replace my wired keyboard. One less tethered device, Take the shackles off my hardware, so I can Esc(Escape)!

At first, I had a problem switching devices. It wouldn’t let me change back to my desktop from my Android. User error. After using it for a few days I figured out the issue.

One other thing worth noting is the ability to add a Bluetooth mouse from Logitech to one USB port by pairing them. Gives you access to use that port for other things in everyday life.

There are times when the K780 couldn’t do everything,though that’s not entirely Logitech’s fault as it mostly pertains to iOS &  Android Touchscreen devices sometimes you will have to reach up and tap the screen to send a message,summon an emoji.

Overall, I’m pleased with this keyboard. It can connect to three devices via Bluetooth. It has a  really nice design and texture to the touch. It doesn’t feel cheap and flimsy, and weighs a little more than the standard keyboard. It’s study & substantial.
This is hands down a great gift for someone who is actively on the go or the everyday person like myself.

Logitech K780 Highlights

PC, Mac, Android and Apple iOS compatible. For versatile use. Bluetooth wireless connectivity. Provides multiple placement options without a wired connection.33′ wireless range

Allows you to navigate easily from a distance.Type comfortably at home or on the go

98 keys let you type and navigate quickly.Keyboard controls

Feature application switching, search and easy-switch for simple navigation.QWERTY layout

Makes it easy to find your home keys.