Logitech K400 Wireless Keyboard Review

Logitech K400r-1 The Logitech K400 is a minimalist Bluetooth keyboard that is built for Windows 7 and Windows 8, the keyboard features a full set of Windows 8 keys. The Windows 8 Start key provides an easy way to get back to your start screen. The App Switching FN key allows you to quickly switch between your open apps. There are 4 Charm keys which give you direct access to the Search, Share, Devices and Settings charm functions. The Application key brings up the application bar for navigating through your internet explorer tabs. Logitech claims the keyboard comes with a full year battery life; while we can test that full we can a test to the battery going on strong over the last 2 weeks. Setup is fast and easy. Simply plug the tiny Logitech Unifying receiver into a USB port and you’re ready to start browsing or typing. Even the hot keys work right out of the box without software. this keyboard has a 3.5 inch, built-in touchpad. The touchpad also has large left- and right-click buttons. You get the convenience of using the keyboard from a distance With a wireless range of up to 10 m (33 ft), you can easily control your laptop from a distance.

Overall I really like the performance of the keyboard, I would have liked it be backlit but for the price you really can’t go wrong hear and one I would recommend with anyone who is budget minded or a HTPC builder looking for a solid wireless keyboard mouse combo.