Logitech Harmony Ultimate Review

Logitech Harmony Ultimate-8 Harmony Ultimate gives you all the control you deserve. Control home theater devices behind closed cabinets and walls. Access IR devices as well as Bluetooth game consoles. Even use your mobile phone as a powerful, personal universal remote control. he included Harmony Hub turns RF signals from the remote control into IR and Bluetooth commands your home theater devices can understand. Access internet services like Netflix and Hulu on your PS3, Wii or Xbox 360. Anyone in the house can download the Harmony App to turn their smartphone into personal universal remote, including 50 favorite channel icons and one-touch activity control.  The Harmony App is available on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Setup process was relatively easy, using the myharmony.com site. Adding devices and activities was the same process as the harmony touch. Syncing the Bluetooth hub  is also a breeze to sync( though we had some issues with our hub; we just had to unplug it). Once that’s done you can connect your PS3 and other device that can be linked to the hub. Also the mobile app is a great addition that works for both iOS and Android devices. What we noticed is a slight delay in turn on activities when using the smartphone apps. But that withstanding. it works very well and the experience using the ultimate control is  great. Now the question is weather its worth it Priced at $349; which seems steep for a remote control. But what you get is as many options for controls that you would need. If that is too pricey for you, you can grab the Hub for just $99. But in All the Harmony Ultimate control setup is a great buy for anyone.