Logitech G9X Laser Mouse Review- Call of Duty MW3 Edition

IMAG0023[ad#ad-1]The Logitech G9X Laser Mouse  MW3 edition, falls in line with the G-series gaming mice from Logitech. A company with a strong tradition in PC peripherals, so it’s no surprise that I can tell you off the bat that the G9X is a solid all round mouse, with a full feature sets that go a long way. The Logitech G9x MW3 edition   has 7 programmable buttons, which you can easily edit and program.  It also is a weighted mouse  and comes with an assortment of 4x4g weights and 4x7gram weights, with maximum weight use at 28gram. You also have on-the-fly adjustable dpi, lets you go from pixel-precise targeting (200 dpi) to lightning-fast maneuvers (up to 5700 dpi) without pausing the action. Dual-mode scroll wheel provides precise click-to-click scrolling that’s perfect for weapon selection in games. Or, switch to frictionless hyper-fast scrolling to fly through long Web pages. Trust me this is a sweet feature, that allows you to switch scroll style from gaming to web browsing( I really love it)

You can also store profiles on the mouse, allowing you program up to five ready-to-play profiles (for keyboard macros, dpi settings, and LED colors). Profiles are stored directly in onboard memory. The satin texture and fuller shape of the Wide Load grip add extra comfort. The DryGrip technology and compact shape of the Precision grip give you unmatched control.

The Crowning jewel is  Logitech SetPoint software is a great addition to the whole G9X experience. It is easy to use and allows you to fully customize you MW3 G9X mouse to you r heart’s desire. from setting up macros to editing profiles or just changing the LED colors. It is an in-depth and easy to use software. My Overall experience with the Logitech G9X has been a pleasant one, to the point that it is my main mouse now, for gaming and regular use. Priced @$79.99 or less, it’s a great deal for a gamer or anyone looking for a solid mouse, that has a lot of extras

Package Contents
  • Mouse
  • Call of Duty®: MW3 mouse pad
  • Wide Load and Precision grips
  • Weight cartridge
  • Tuning weights and case
  • User documentation
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Logitech G9X MW3


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