Logitech G610 Gaming keyboard on a Budget


The Logitech G610 has been out for a few months now which has given me ample amount of time to fully test the keyboard. The G610 is part of Logitech’s line up of keyboards and has held up nicely. The design is elegant and features white backlighting which can be customized using Logitech’s Gaming Software. It is a full-sized keyboard with integrated media controls and a dedicated Gaming Key which disables the windows key when activated. The volume wheel on the top left is a nice touch and makes the keyboard look and feel premium. What I like about this Keyboard is that it isn’t too big considering it’s a full-sized keyboard meaning it will fit in with most desks and doesn’t take up too much space.

You have the option to choose between a couple of Cherry MX Switches when purchasing this keyboard. If your intentions are to primarily game on this keyboard then I would suggest to go for the Cherry MX Red Switches as they have a low actuation and are not too loud like Cherry MX Blue Switches. The red switches are soft keys and are a popular choice amongst gamers.

Typing on this keyboard is very seamless and all the minor features add up. For example the rubber feet on the bottom make typing much easier as they are at an angle, which makes typing a lot more comfortable. In addition the Media Keys are a time saver and just make everything easier as you don’t have to keep going into a Media Player just to skip a song or turn the volume up. Whether you are an FPS Gamer, Video Editor or maybe just a casual typer the responsiveness of the keys make every action seamless. The keys have a nice finish on them making them feel premium and also adding a slight bit of grip.

Over the few months of me using this keyboard I have discovered a few negatives about the keyboard. One of them being you are only limited to the white colored back lighting – therefore if this is a deal breaker to you which leaves you with the option to go for the Logitech G810. There are also no dedicated macro keys which was hard to transition to because my previous keyboard had a myriad of macro keys which I used on a daily basis. I find that macro keys increase your work flow and even in certain games you can also take advantage of them. Other than those two flaws everything about the Logitech G610 is great and I have no complaints. It provides you with a comfortable typing experience and depending on which Cherry MX Switch you go with your typing speed can definitely increase. This is definitely a solid keyboard with a lot to offer and is priced reasonably for under $100