LIFEPROOF NUUD iPhone 5 & 5s Case

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES The LIFEPROOF NUUD case for the iPhone 5 & 5s brings the ultimate reliance in protection for your device. LifeProof cases have always been known for their ruggedness and dependability, and the same holds true for their new iteration. Holding the title of being shockproof, dustproof, and water/ice proof is a strong claim and in our testing, the case passed with flying colors.

In the box, you get a front & back cover to piece together, cleaning cloth, and screen protector as this case offers the new screen less touch technology. No longer does the whole front panel have to be covered in film in order to provide full protection for the device, you can actually touch it now! As usual, all the ports are covered on the device and using a certain film tech, the NUU case allows for the use of Apple’s new Touch ID feature which is always an added benefit. In my use, because of the covering of the mic, using speaker phone is almost completely obsolete unless you hold your mouth right to the phone, a small annoyance, but one that is reasonable because of the overall benefits the case provides.

The back cover comes with a see through film that allows admirers of Apple design see the device partially. It also has a different texture than the front, so the case itself isn’t just one block of plastic. One thing to note with the back, music channels through the plastic film and vibrates, so pressing it distorts the music. This is one of the major flaws of the case, but distortion is not unbearable, and your media output is safe for the most part. Holding the case from the sides resolves this issue.

Dropping this case, whether it be from 10, 20, and 30 feet, provides a level of protection that is best in class for a mobile device, especially the iPhone. The waterproof and dustproof titles go hand in hand. If you put your phone in the case, it will come out the same way it came in.

You can get the LIFEPROOF NUUD Case for $89.99 in most major retail outlets and via their website. You won’t be disappointed with this purchase in the least.