LifePrint & ZINK Partner to Offer the First Socially Networked Zero Ink Printer

Kickstarter Main Photo LifePrint, a portable and wireless photo printer for your smartphone, and ZINK Imaging today announced their alliance to develop and market the LifePrint photo printer that leverages ZINK Imaging’s award-winning ZINK® Zero Ink® Printing Technology. LifePrint, which is currently seeking $200,000 on Kickstarter, enables users to easily print and share photos directly from their iOS or Android smartphones via the LifePrint app. ZINK Technology provides LifePrint with a technology platform that is compact, easy‐to‐use, and earth‐friendly. The ZINK®-enabled LifePrint will utilize ZINK Paper®, which is made of an advanced composite material with embedded yellow, magenta, and cyan dye crystals. The ZINK Technology uses heat to activate and colorize these crystals, radically simplifying the printing process and eliminating the need for ink cartridges or ribbons.
Tim Martin, CEO of LifePrint, said: “Printing and sharing photos from your smartphone will be easier than ever with LifePrint’s ZINK-enabled, portable photo printer. LifePrint produces high-quality, beautiful photos without requiring inconvenient and expensive ink cartridges.”   Scott Wicker, CMO of ZINK Imaging, said: “We are thrilled LifePrint has joined ZINK Imaging’s partner network and are encouraged by the success the product has seen on Kickstarter. We are looking forward to working with LifePrint to develop a printer that is beautiful and simple.”
LifePrint is on a mission to bring printed photos back to life and free our special moments from digital screens. It’s simple; just open the LifePrint app, select any photo from your camera roll, and hit print. The photo will wirelessly print in about 60 seconds over your data network or Wi-Fi connection. Users can also receive and print photos from friends who have the app, making it more than just a printer.   LifePrint is seeking $200,000 to begin hardware tooling for mass production and to reach its next major app development milestone. Its Kickstarter campaign has several tiers of funding options to ensure that everyone can contribute to making this product a reality. Visit Kickstarter to preorder your LifePrint today.
About LifePrint LifePrint is the ultimate photo printer for your iPhone or Android device. It’s an app. It’s a community. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a chance to hold those special moments in your hands. It’s sharing memories with the people you love. It’s decorating your walls. It’s unabashed rainy day nostalgia. And it’s about time we had a chance to experience real photographs again. Click here to preorder your LifePrint today.   About ZINK Imaging ZINK Imaging Inc., a privately held company, was founded to enable millions of customers to enjoy the magic of ZINK® Zero Ink® products. ZINK Imaging invented, manufactures, and is a supplier of the ZINK Printing Technology and the ZINK Paper®. In addition to ZINK hAppy™ branded products, the technology is utilized by partner companies, which bring ZINK-enabled products to market under their respective brands. ZINK Imaging’s headquarters and research and development labs are in Massachusetts, with a state of the art manufacturing facility in Whitsett, North Carolina. For more information, please visit