Libratone Diva Review!!!


Libratone is well-known for the audio quality on wireless speakers. Last year we took a look at the Libratone Lounge, the company’s first sound bar., which has boom sound a rich finish.  Today we take a look at the Libratone DIVA, the latest soundbar from the company that comes with addition functionality and feature, yet keep the same rich audio heritage.

Libratone DIVA is a combined TV soundbar and wireless music system, which is easy to control with a TV remote via IR Learning. There’s also a Libratone App to choose the voicing settings that bring TV programs and movies to life. Optical input ensures flawless digital sound transmission. Libratone DIVA is always ready to take center stage at parties. Thanks to AirPlay and DLNA technology, users can stream music from wireless devices via a Wi-Fi network or stream directly to DIVA with Bluetooth 4.0 in APT-X CD-quality. Spotify Connect and HTC Connect provides seamless integration with wireless devices and playlists, and Near Field Communication (NFC)makes Bluetooth pairing and setup a breeze. A powerful built-in subwoofer eliminates the need for a separate woofer.
Libratone DIVA is equipped with state of the art speaker technology offering a total effect of 225W: 1x75W bass, 2x50W midrange, 2x25W tweeters. Drivers are 1×5″ bass, 2×3″ midrange and 2×1″ ribbon based tweeters. H: 15.8 cm(6.2”) W: 98.8 cm (39”) D: 10.0
cm (4”) Weight: 5.5 kg (12.1 lbs).

The Libratone Diva sounds fantastic and priced reasonable well at $899. You have a sound bar that has clean crisp audio and great sound amplification that. The Remote control feature is a huge upgrade and takes away the need to always have your smartphone or tablet with you to control the DIVA. Overall I really can’t find a fault with the Libratone DIVA, its sleek, sexy, robust in sound and a fantastic listening experience in the living room.