LG Tone Active Wireless Stereo Headset Review


In my constant quest to find comfortable ear-wear, I had the pleasure of getting my hands on the LG Tone Active headset. This is a great addition to their line of Tone products, and was featured at their sponsorship of the #ColorMeRad road races.
Corded earbuds I tend to lose fairly often,  and I usually get them tangled while in my purse.  Over the ear headphones can be cumbersome if I am running around too much, and usually take up too much space for me to carry around daily. Now onto the topic of fashion and hair. Corded earbuds get caught in my earrings, and over the ear headphones get in the way of the hairdo, and an adjustment is needed.
These are the perfect compromise between earbuds and over the ear headphones. Personally they are a great match and fit. With the bright orange and black that came at launch, the LG Tone Active are harder to lose track of, and much easier to carry around daily. Due to the ring design, which means you are wearing it necklace style, they are comfortable and convenient. The earbuds retract on a thin cord, and then snap back into place for storage. Many a time I forgot that I was wearing them around my neck, mistaking for just another necklace. The control buttons are easy enough to navigate, with volume on one end, multi-function and power buttons on the other end. Once you get used to the multi-function button, you can check battery strength, voice dial, among others. These seem more streamlined with the retractable earbuds versus a few Tone models that others that you’ve probably seen many folks wearing. The JBL sound was great, whether it was for calls or music. You can use the multi-function button to toggle through bass options, which I found very convenient.
Video Review
  • Retractable earbuds
  • IPX3 Rated water and sweat resistant
  • Quad layer speaker technology
  • Digital MEMS Microphone
  • Sporty design and colors
The only disadvantages that I found was the visibility of the control buttons. As they are black on black, it is harder to see which side is which until you are used to using them regularly (or it could be my old eyes). At launch the orange and black version are available at AT&T stores, with other colors to follow, retailing at $129.