LG Sound Plate LAP340 Review

LG LP340 The LG LAP340 SoundPlate, is technically a sound bar that can support the full weight of your TV up to 55-inch.  This is designed for the space conscious folks.  LG’s SoundPlate can be easily installed and connected to TVs of many sizes, providing 4.1 channel surround sound with built-in dual sub woofers. It is designed to help you experience the ultimate in sound quality. The device is slim and low profile, at Only 35mm in height, LG’s slim SoundPlate is designed to sit beneath the television, saving space and bringing a clean, modern look to your home decor. You can get it for around $350

No I have to say I didn’t expect the SoundPlate to have the best audio quality; but to my surprise I was impressed with its sound output. Not distortion on high volumes and, Bass sound is produced by ultra slim built-in dual subwoofers that enrich and add depth to the low frequencies. This single slim plate eliminates the need for a bulky subwoofer to achieve a full sound system. What’s more, two Aero-ducts on both sides of the product also create exceptional three-dimensional sound. A word of caution though, this isn’t build for a large leaving room area, thsi is meant for a small apartment or dorm room. To help maximize the space and giv e you great audio output.