LG Smart TV Upgrader SP820 & SP520 Eyes-on @CES 2012


[ad#ad-1]LG announced the latest version of their popular smart TV upgrader with two new models. the SP 820 & the SP520 during CES 2012. The LG SP820 features a new sleeker design and is lager than the  ST600 Smart TV Upgrader  released last year. The SP820 supports Plex. Plex is a media center solution based on DLNA technology. With Plex users can playback media files, including video, music and images from PC/Macs and handheld devices on the TV screen. Plex automatically adds text information and cover art to music albums and movies. LG promise faster Performance with the SP820.

The Sp520 is similar to last years model in design though much sleek and will be available soon


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