LG Smart Scan Mouse LSM-100 Review


[ad#ad-1]Scanner mouse is a Mouse and scanner combo, this device allows for easy scanning of documents, using your mouse to hover over. and there are no set patterns to how you have to scan the document. As long as you cover the whole page.  While holding the Smart Scan button on the left side of the mouse, the user simply swipes the mouse over the material to be scanned. The scanned image can then be saved in a variety of file types — PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PDF, XLS and DOC — or dragged and dropped into the desired application. The LSM-100 is also equipped with LG’s Optical Character Recognition technology, which converts scanned text into a Microsoft Word document that can then be edited and manipulated as the user sees fit. By eliminating the need to retype text from print media onto the screen, Optical Character Reader saves users a great deal of time. The mouse’s compact size belies its big-sized capabilities. Because it’s not limited by a frame, the LSM-100 can scan page sizes up to A3, larger than most conventional portable scanners.

The LG Smart Scan mouse is easy to use and set up. Though Windows won’t install the software for you once the mouse is plugged in. It will recognize it as a mouse and you can use it immediately for that purpose


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