LG NB3520A Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer Review- A solid buy

LG NB3520A Sound Bar (1) So you just got a new TV set and looking to maximize you visual out put with and audio experience to match; or you are looking to upgrade your old sound system. The the LG NB3520A Wireless sound bar might be the solution of you.  We were graciously provided a unit by LG to test out and make good use of. The LG NB3520A is a 300W 2.1 Channel Sound System, that features a wireless subwoofer, Bluetooth connectivity with two optical ports and a line in port for your mp3 player. The Wireless nature of the LG NB3520A allows for the placement of the subwoofer anywhere in your living room; in our case it is situated behind the couch to give the stadium seating effect.

The set up process of the NB3520A is very easy. connect the main sound bar to your HDTV via optical cables, plug the subwoofer and place at any location desired in the living room( you can pair the subwoofer to the sound bar if need by using the pairing button at the back of the sound bar). After that you are good to go, the controls are easy to use; making it easy to cycle from Bluetooth connection, to line-in to optical.

So how does it sound? Very good all around, mids and highs sound crystal clear. Pretty amazing actually. Breadth of the mids and highs is truly impressive. Bass performance is very good for a wireless system, but you  have to play around with the bass settings to get the desired feel and effect. 3D surround is also a great addition and adds a lot to the sound performance from the sound bar. Overall, I can recommend the LG NB3520A sound bar as a great way to improve the audio performance from your HDTV or a solid mid-ranged speaker system that doesn’t require much setup process but provided you with quality all around sound.