LG Lucid Review- Budget Smartphone comes to VZW

20120416_160355[ad#ad-1]The LG Lucid is a budget sub $100 Android Smartphone on the Verizon Wireless Network. Lately, we have been seeing more high powered devices move into this price range. The LG Lucid is powered by a dual-core 1.2Ghz Processor with 1GB of RAM.  You also have 4GB of storage that can be supplemented with a microSD card. The Lucid also sports a front facing camera (VGA) and a rear facing camera at 5-megapixel that records video at 1080p. It also comes bundled with video producer software that aids you in editing and creating videos on your LG Lucid.  I must admit the software is simple and fun to use. It allows users to create fun little video clips to share with family and friends.

The Device is 4G LTE capable and in my test area, I was able to get download speeds of up to 30Mbps and uploads of 9Mbps, which is very nice to see in a budget device. The Lucid sports a 4-inch display, which I must say after using devices like the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note, Lumia 900, Titan II, seem rather small in comparison, but handles well. The LG Lucid is an Android 2.3 device running a custom overlay from LG, which I must say by now needs a refresh. It’s a bit cumbersome to maneuver and may deter away intro smartphone customers that the device is intended for.  However, there are still great benefits to the Lucid besides its price point.  For starters, you do get decent battery life of around 12hrs, great 4G LTE speeds, plus a cool fun video editor. For Verizon wireless customers looking for bang for their buck, the Luicd does the job well with no complaints. I definitely recommend the  LG  Lucid for a budget conscious smartphone shopper.