LG LN450W 29″ Ultrawide (21:9) Monitor Review: This is Awesome!!!

LG LN450W-8 Let’s draw a line in the sand. Lets determine what the standard of excellence lies. Lets separate the wheat from the chaff. Stick the proverbial fork in it. Its about time you stood on the side of AWESOME or FAIL. And what lies on the side of AWESOME is the 29LN450W from LG.

This TV set, moonlighting as a PC Monitor or vice versa, is one of the most impressive displays I have seen in years. At a resolution of 2560 x 1080, aspect ratio of 1000000:1, and almost every conceivable display input under the sun,  let’s agree not to disagree that this 29 inch IPS display sits above the rest.

The included screen split software provides the functionality of a Dual screen setup without the desk real estate or price requirement, making this display a combination of design, functionality and value that you can’t resist.

The IPS technology means that Media and Gaming comes to life in beautifully vivid colors that would make you reconsider you perception of LED backlit displays. Now lets talk about that almost non-existent bezel. You’ll find it difficult not to be amazed at the efficient use of space that LG has employed for the design of the 29LN450W. While off its almost possible to forget that this screen has a bezel.

Did I mention that this is also a fully featured TV set? With a built in speaker system, 2 HDMI (one MHL compatible), a display port,  a component HD, D-Sub, and coaxial input this display can handle any signal you throw at it, without blinking. At a price point, as low as, 449 USD LG has announced it plans to dominate the PC display and TV markets.  It’s going to be really difficult to justify not purchasing this stellar display.