LG announces ThinQ and HemS appliances chills Beer in 5min


This is by far the most important feature on in tis fridge, yes it does other high tech things but seriously the ability to chill beer in 5mins is vastly important and I approve. Can this arrive before the SuperBowl. PLEASE!!!!

ThinQ links your devices over Wi-Fi and ZigBee letting you check the inventory of your fridge (which you painstakingly entered on its integrated LCD panel) while downloading new wash cycles to your washing machine with just a few swipes at the smartphone interface. HeMS is new, and lets you monitor the daily power consumption of your ThinQ fridge, washing machine, oven, and even HOM-BOT robotic vacuum down to the minute, and then adjust your usage based on off-peak energy prices published by your city’s non-existent Smart Grid.

Via Theverge