LG Announces 100 inch Laser TV Projector- Only needs 22-inches of space from your wall

LG 100-Inch Laser TV 02.jpg.jpg Who said projectors are dull old-school and a thing of the past. LG today just announced a new laser powered projector that can produce a 100-inch screen at full 1080p when placed on the floor from a distance of only 22 inches. LG’s Laser TV has a digital tuner and two 10W built-in speakers embedded in the projection unit to support virtual surround sound for a more authentic cinema experience at home. A complete complement of inputs, including 3 HDMIs, allow for connection of other source devices. An optical audio output, as well as RS-232 interface, will allow for integration into virtually any home theater environment.

The device itself features LG’s understated yet stylish Dynamic Arc Design, creating subtly curved surfaces that reach a mere 5.7 inches in height. The 100-inch class screen adopts LG’s CINEMA SCREEN Design aesthetic which limits the bezel and makes it suitable for any interior décor. The Laser TV supports LG’s Smart TV platform, which includes a host of impressive features, from built-in WiFi, premium content providers, like Netflix or YouTube, Smart World app store, to the easy-to-use Magic Remote*. The system also allows consumers to manage personal content, such as pictures, home videos and music libraries via USB or LG Cloud.

No word on Pricing but I am sure we will here more and get some good hands-on come CES 2013