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LG ACCOLADE Unboxing & Review


(LG ACCOLADE was provided by LG as an experience product)

This review is of the New LG Accolade, a flip phone out on the Verizon wireless network.  The phone is small slick and compact. fits well into chest pocket or jeans.

Feature wise the phone does pack more than you average flip phone on the market. Its got:
Bing search
Bluetooth connectivity
VZ navigator
3.5 mm headphone jack
camera ( Which takes some very decent pics)

SDC10743 SDC10746

AS a whole the LG Accolade does what its supposed to do well. Make calls and be a reliable cellphone. But the added features such as Bing search and the VZ navigator are a big plus.The Accolade can be that second phone you need that does what a phones does or if you are not into the smartphone hype and you want simplicity that isn’t broken, then the Accolade is for you. LG has shown hear that you don’t have to get a smartphone to have smartphone features


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