LG 34-inch UltraWide QHD Monitor Review [34UM95]

TitanFall 1440p-10 This is my favorite monitor ever, seriously I couldn’t image how much more the LG34UM94 QHD monitor makes my life much easier on a daily basis. LG has crafted a true master piece in a monitor that not only hits the mark in terms of pure picture clarity, both also the joy of having a 21:9 aspect ration on a 34-inch screen with the pixels to match. The 3440X1440 UltraWide QHD display offers the sharpest picture quality. Its pixel area is about 1.8 times larger than an UltraWide Full HD 21:9 monitor, and about 2.4 times larger than a Full HD 16:9 monitor. Yes it is a 2K display, which means everything is crisp sharp and just looks great. Take gaming for instance; with the extra screen real estate and the 21:9 aspect ratio, PC games look excellent. Using all that space to perfection, and displaying at 2K.  You just can’t beat the vivid look this monitor provides. 

But besides the dazzling visuals, the LG34UM95 has a serious side to it, with productivity and function in mind. The large 34-inch 21:9 aspect ratio of the 34UM95 can act as multiple monitors  in one, effectively creating 4 zones for productivity. It provides an efficient environment in using Microsoft Office programs showing 47 columns and 63 rows in excel; or have enough space for 4 screens to be displayed. In my current use case scenario; watching the Worldcup on one panel, while video chatting and editing video in two others. The LG 34UM95 HD Monitor has a full complements of ports including ThunderBolt 2 which promises up to 20Gbps in terms of Transfer speeds. Ther are many great aspect to the LG 34UM95 that I can go on rambling about, but this device is tuned to perfection. My one gripe would have to be the price at $999, which is to be expected; since there are very few monitors out there at this size and aspect ratio. Other than that the LG 34UM95 is my perfect montor, for gaming, video editing, and more– I forgot to mention it does have HDMI port that supports video playback from a cable box or gaming system as well as built-in speakers. Its simply great- the LG 34UM95



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