Lepow U Stone 12,000mAh portable Charger Review

 Leopow (7) Lepow’s motto is all about “Making technology enjoyable” and they are doing a great job. Back at CES 2014 I knew I wanted to try the U – Stone. I mean, come on! 12,000 mAh??? Doesn’t that sound lovely? And the U-Stone was eye catching, so it was a must for me. Receiving the second product of theirs to review, I now look forward to their funky style of packaging (although sometimes challenging). The mattress tag packaging material is back, but this time, instead of little nick-nacks, a stretch headband was included!

U-Stone is a portable battery charger from Lepow. It has a unique rounded edged design, larger than most smartphones. It’s stone-like texture makes it comfortable to handle and slip proof. On one flat side you will see blue light indicators for charge level, matching the blue cable and charging end. You can actually SHAKE the U-Stone to light up the battery indicators. The charging end is a bright blue, with USB and micro USB slots. You can purchase iOS cables separately. The short cable folds and tucks itself away for convenience, in a funky fold. True to the 12000 mAh power, with one full U -Stone charge I was able to charge a Samsung Galaxy 4 three times fully, and iPad mini charged twice fully. Obviously charge will depend on signal and device. The only disadvantages I found were that; 1. You can only charge one device at a time, and 2. he shape of the end of the cable wont fit if you have a beefier case on your smartphone. You would simply have to take your smartphone out to charge. Price ranges from only $40 -$50 depending on the site. It is a model from last year, but who cares! I love it.

  • Winner of the Red Dot Award for its creative and unique design
  • 12000mAh of capacity
  • Packaging made of 100% recycled materials
  • Came with handy headband!
  • Unique rounded design
  • Intelligent circuit prevents over-charge or discharge