Lepow Moonstone 3000 review

20140212_163854 At some point my obsession with powerbanks will fade. Well not yet!! As soon as I saw the Lepow booth I was hooked. I was immediately intrigued by their unique array of accessories and charging solutions. Each model has it’s own interesting design. I came away with the eye-catching green Moonstone 3000. Never leave home without a powerbank is what I say.

Lepow gets thumbs up and only slight thumbs down for packaging. I love their unique ideas and environmentally friendly use. The moonstone came with a cute pouch of nicknacks, that is once I was able to open the packaging. It was a bit tough to get into, reminding me of the impossible mattress tag. Outer packaging aside, the carrying pouch for the Moonstone is very convenient! It is a grey felt with green elastic to keep closed (in perfectly matching my bright green) and two pockets to store the Moonstone and its cable. Light and compact, it comes with a white micro usb cable, with a flat rubber cord. It has dual outputs for both 0.5A and 1.2A charging speeds, as well as the micro usb for recharging. On the flat side of the Moonstone, you will see a button for checking charge level. For performance, the 3000 mAh with actual use charged an SG4 about 80% using the fast charge. It was very convenient and easy to use, and I love the style and packaging!

-External Battery Pack – Take it anywhere for on the go charging with mobile mobile phones, computers, tablets, iPod

-3000mAh of Capacity

-Superior Energy Conversion – 150% Better efficiency than other similar power banks

-Top-Notch Compatibility – Works with all major cell phone and tablet models

-Environmentally Friendly, Safe and Non-Toxic packaging

-Two power outputs (0.5A and 1.2A) for two different charging speeds, charging and recharging can act at the same time