Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Android


The Lenovo Yoga tablet 2 Android continues the same attributes that led to the success of it’s predecessor. Affordable price, simplistic and intuitive design, excellent battery life, and enhanced software experience. My time with the original Yoga Tablet was quite enjoyable. The intuitive fold out kickstand feature was convenient, if not necessary, after using it frequently. The display not being anything that will blow you away was more than sufficient for media content and ironically, the Lenovo skins didn’t put a damper in the overall user experience of the tablet.  All of those great qualities have resonated in the new and improved Yoga Tablet  2. With a stark, fast, and battery efficient Intel Atom Quad-core processor clocked at 1.4ghz, the tablet is more than powerful to handle the multi-media needs of an Android tablet. The 10-inch Full-HD display is condensed in a way that reduces pixelation. The 9,600mah battery packed inside allows for 18 hours of continuous use, which is insane for the price point.  Lenovo is truly providing a tailored and mandatory standard for their Yoga line of devices. The device is running Android 4.4 Kitkat so there is no lag in recent software. Lollipop has not been confirmed for this device, and to be quite honest, because of it’s price point, I highly doubt it will be receiving the update anytime soon.  The software includes special features such as “multi-window”, which allows the snapping of applications side-by-side (very similar to the TouchWiz software found on the Note line of devices). Icons are extremely colorful and lack any real uniformity throughout the operating system. However, for what the Lenovo software lacks in beauty, it makes up for in speed and battery optimization. You will get well over 18 hours of battery life per charge out of this device; and for it’s price, it’s an incredible aspect of the device.

Overall, the slight bump in specs and continuation of the same design language from the previous Yoga Tablet, Lenovo has another winner on it’s hands. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the new iteration of the device, and for $279, you’ll be hard pressed to find an alternative with the culmination of all the features of Lenovo Yoga Tablet  2 Android.