Lenovo Y500 Gaming Laptop Review

Lenovo Y500-10 Lenovo Y500 review is the latest gaming laptop  that is affordable and of high performance and provides users with performance gaming as well as other multimedia activities. the Sleek design with brushed aluminum exterior, red accents all around, with honeycomb vents. Red backlit keyboard with a polished look all around. You have got a full HD 15 display with JBL speakers and Dolby Home Theater. In terms you can get up to a core i7 quad-core processor, up to 16GB of ram, 16GB SSD, 1TB storage and SLI configuration GT750M through the ultrabay setup ( we had the GT650m in the review). it all weighs in at about 5.95lbs- though it feels lighter. The Lenovo Y500 ultrabay is a unique setup that allows a gamer to take the SLI setup you ave on your home gaming rig with you on the road, giving you a high level of game-play you normally expect from a desktop. If you don’t rather have a single GPU, you can use the ultrabay to house extra storage up to 1TB or a Blu-ray drive. Overall I like the idea and loved the result with my SLI configuration.

I know you are thinking, how is the performance, as gamers we are used to Alien ware, MSI and others for mobile gaming laptops and not Lenovo. Despite the classic flaw of poor battery life that is to be expected from a gaming Laptop because of the Power consumption. The Lenovo Y500 handles gaming excellently, As you will seeing in the Video review above. Playing games at high resolution and specifications is a breeze and easy to handle with the system, plus you have got premium audio with the JBL speakers and Dolby audio.  Would I recommend getting the Lenovo Y500; I say yes becuase its cost effective for a gaming laptop and perfomances just as great as you other well know brands, Plus having an SLI configuration on your gaming laptop is awesome.:-).