Lenovo Tiny M83p Review


The lenovo Tiny M83p is a small compact computer from Lenovo, that packs quite the punch for its size. The Tiny M83p comes powered an Up to Intel® Core i7 4785T processor, up to 16GB ram and 500GB storage. You can get the configuration running either Windows 8.1 or Windows 7. Our review unit came in running Windows 7, so we decided to hook it up to a our Acer 4K monitor to see how it would handle 4K resolution and task with its built-in graphics chips set; and it did flawlessly. Running at that higher resolution and being able to output to 3 display at the same time, makes the Tiny M83p a work horse for that small business looking to maximize cost and functionality in a computer.

What you have here is a small very portable PC, at just 2.91lBs that gives you mobility and upgrade flexibility without breaking the bank. Plus its small form fact allow it to be hidden out of sight or tucked into the back of a Lenovo Monitor for easy concealment. We even did some gaming on here, granted its got a built-in Intel graphics card. It was able to run Batman:Arkham Origins at lower settings smoothly. Not that you would need to make this a gaming machine, but it does show the versatility of the Tiny M83p. With a starting price of $483, this is a solid small business computer that can go the extra mile in a pinch