Lenovo ThinkVision LT1421 USB Portable Monitor Review

20120302_161756[ad#ad-1]Ok – I will admit, I was stuck.  Some by my own doing, some by circumstances beyond my control.  Here I am, 3195 miles away from home, a dead laptop (due to me watching films on the flight cross-country – and not bringing my laptop charger with me) and a presentation I had to give in a few hours.  The charger was solved easily (the IT dept. loaned me one during my visit) but not being able to connect my laptop to the wonky 7yr old projector they had – we, that was a different issue altogether.  My boss panicked, I – on the other hand – had my backup sitting in my laptop bag.

I utilized the Lenovo ThinkVision LT1421 monitor and kept moving in stride.  Since my training session was small, I was able to put the monitor in the middle of the table and let everyone see my PowerPoint as I meant for it to be seen – while still looking at the notes I had for each page.  It was a game changer – it allowed them to watch comfortably while following along in the documents I have presented.  At the end, my boss congratulated me for my quick thinking resourcefulness, and that this made the meeting feel more intimate and interactive.It was a rousing success – It helped me save the day, and went back and forth across the country with great ease.  I had it in my carry-on the whole time, and it weight little more than a notebook, and folded down to the same size as one.

I was able to break it out, and set it up in little less than a minute, and it was a clear as watching my own laptop screen, while giving me the benefit of not having to stand huddled around my laptop during the presentation. Once I finally got back on the plane headed home – I realized that the day could have been a disaster – if not for the Lenovo ThinkVision LT1421 monitor- and we would have come away looking unprofessional.  Instead, I was the hero of the day, with the Lenovo ThinkVision LT1421 monitor coming off the bench to my aid.



Screen Size- 14” wide

Resolution- 1366×768

Brightness(nits)- 200

Power- <5 watts

Dimensions 8.58”x13.9”x.37”D

warranty 3 years