Lenovo ThinkPad Edge Notebook Review

IMG_0184[ad#ad-1]Welcome to my first laptop review. The Thinkpad Edge E430 seems to be a great choice for me to kick off with. Loaded with Windows 7, it was easy enough to compare to what I use now, either my desktop pc or a beat up mini netbook.

This model comes in three colors, Midnight Black (shown), Heatwave Red and Arctic Blue, in a matte “soft touch” finish. Once open, you see the nice large 14’ HD LED Antiglare display, and HD 720p camera. t has an Intel Core i5-3210M Processor, 320GB Hard drive and is DVD recordable. The spill resistant keyboard has raised buttons on the large side, which took getting used to at first, but are comfortable to use. The rest if the keypad seems pretty standard, but function buttons are clearly marked with shortcuts such as volume, camera settings, wifi, media playback controls, etc. I haven’t had the need to use it yet, but it also has a fingerprint reader. The Touchpad mouse is textured and has a rubberized feel, which made it very easy and precise to use. At 4.74lbs  and (13.3” x 9.2” x 1.1” –  1.3”) in dimensions, it is pretty hefty but feels sturdy.

My primary use so far was standard  everyday emailing and social media, which made the Simple Tap convenient. With a two fingered tap on the mouse, it launches the personalize tiles and shortcuts. Some icons give you a smaller view of the application, such as a summarized shot of your Facebook news feed and Gmail inbox. Others launch the full application, such as Groupon and Skype. As you move the icons around, a simple click in the quick menu at the top will refresh and put them back in order, or just one click to bring you back to your regular desktop view.

I was pleasantly surprised at the sound quality of the Dolby advanced audio system. Seriously, the bell notifications when I was navigating around actually gave me a loud surprise. Even the simple notification sounds were crisp and clear. When listening to music or watching a video, the sound was fabulous, and I blasted my favorite playlists.

Lenovo lists this laptop on their site for just under $600, which seems more than reasonable. Comfortable and sturdy, I could easily see myself using this at home as my main computer over my desktop. Thumbs up!