Lenovo Thinkcentre E93Z All-in-one Review

Lenovo E93Z-10 Weighing in at almost 20 lbs, this all in one from Lenovo packs a ton of great features into one convenient piece of almost-portable machinery. The touch screen monitor is 21.5″ and has a fantastic resolution. It has a 1080p Web cam and microphones built-in. Being an all-in-one, this is great for areas where you don’t have a lot of room for a tower. Although its historically been something I’ve avoided, this all-in-one looks like a piece of cake to open up to replace parts. In the past, this was not necessarily the case. The sound quality of recorded audio is not amazing, but for a built-in microphone with the default settings, it wasn’t bad. This computer is fantastic for uses in which you need the convenience of only having to deal with one (power) cable, but need a little more than what you could get from a laptop.

This particular model came with only 4GB of ram, but it’s expandable, though frankly it performed like a system with much more than 4GB of ram.