Lenovo M93P Tiny Desktop- Packs a Lot of punch

Lenovo M93p-2 The Lenovo M93P Tiny is – without question – the smallest workstation I have ever laid my hands on. I pulled this thing out of the box and couldn’t help but feel like I missed something else in the bottom of the box. At less than 3 pounds, the Lenovo M93P fills some big shoes. The M93P is designed with harsh environments in mind. It’s specifically for places that don’t have a lot of space, and thus poor air flow. It can withstand higher than usual heat and humidity, as well as low temperature environments.The compact M93p also offers 64GB SSD and an optional Solid State Hybrid Drive (SSHD) to boost system performance and can be conveniently mounted to the wall to save additional space with a VESA mount. Lenovo’s unique patented “Smart Power On” feature allows the user to power up the desktop directly from a wired or wireless keyboard and an Always On USB port with RapidCharge technology allows fast charging of connected devices, even when in sleep mode. The Citrix Ready ThinkCentre M93p Tiny is the most energy efficient ThinkCentre desktop ever. The ThinkCentre M93p/M93 is currently available starting at $719

Size (obviously!) – This system is small enough to fit behind a monitor, in a small drawer, just about any place you can think of. It’s designed with the challenges of low space places in mind.

Sound – This device is literally quieter than my laptop. It’s practically silent.

Features – two “Always On” USB ports set it apart from its competition, giving you the ability to turn the device on from the keyboard, and charge your USB Devices even when the computer is off.

Hardware – It comes with a processor that’s just “decent”, a 500GB 7200 hard drive, 2GB of ram and a less than incredible video card. It does support upgrades, but you’ll have to figure those into your overall cost.

Inside – anyone with big hands is going to have a hard time getting around inside the confines of this system.

Graphics – The graphics capabilities aren’t very good, but that’s really not what this system is designed for anyway.

All in all, a fantastic device. Performs perfectly for what it’s designed for, even in inhospitable environments.