Lenovo Flex 20 Review: Easily Adaptive

Lenovo Flex 20-9 Regardless of you love, or hate, for Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system, there is no denying that it has changed what we think of as a fully functional computer. Its changed the way we use shortcut keys, added a new input source (10 points of touch) and even the traditional form factor of our PC. Think about it, and you’ll agree that a lot has changed in the PC space since MS released Windows 8.

Lenovo has embraced this new reality and adapted its products and marketing endeavors alike. And as a result we see a company that has made double digit growth in a year when overall PC sales are in decline.

The Flex 20 from Lenovo is an example of how adaptive this company has become. The history of this device can be traced back to the previously mentioned changes brought to the PC market with the advent of windows 8. The Flex 20 is a device that can function as a tablet, a game board (with accessories) or a full featured PC (with included keyboard and mouse), all in a package that highlights mobility and ease of use.

Featuring 4GB of memory, integrated Intel graphics, 500GB HDD, built in Bluetooth and 802.11b/g/n wifi and a 19.5 viewable screen real-estate. It’s becomes obvious that this is designed to be a moderately powerful multifaceted device.

Included is Lenovo’s Aura software package which turns this device into a game board, giving the entire family, or group of friends a reason to crowd around that beautiful IPS display.

The integrated battery extends the reach of this device to anywhere in the home where you don’t have a power outlet handy. But be warned, I had only 2+ hours of use before the battery ran out.

Overall, this device is a glaring example that Lenovo is able to adapt to the needs of its consumer base at a time when the PC market is going through some stark changes. While I prefer the IdeaCenter Horizone with its selection of display inputs, the Flex 20 is almost embarrassingly easy to recommend at a price point of 740 USD, especially for anyone who enjoys a good gathering of friends over a game of monopoly.