Lenovo Flex 14 Review: Perfect Mid Range Ultrabook

Lenovo Flex 14-2Lenovo over the last 2 years has changed the PC landscape, when other said the PC market is on a decline. to their credit, they have been the only ones to stay profitable but creating new and innovative devices that have ushered changed in the PC, laptop & hybrid device arena; with devices like the award winning Yoga line of ultrabook. Which introduced the multi-position uses of a laptop. So Lenovo has decided to bring some of their Yoga flavor into the mid range computer market with the Flex 14. The Flex 14 is a dual mode ultrabook that is a inch think and weighs less than 5lbs.– truth be told it feels more like 3.8lbs to me. What is really nice about the Flex 14 are a few things. first of its starting price @$569 for a 4th gen Haswell Core-i3 is pretty good for a laptop that has a 10-finger touch screen display which is fully optimized for Windows 8. The Flex 14 has some of the design features of the Lenovo Yoga Line with the ability to function in two modes, Laptop & stand mode, giving users the flexibility to work and consume content in different way.

 Now the Flex 14 unit we tested for this review was a 4th gen  Core-i5 , with 8GB of Ram & 128GB HD priced @ $749, and performance on the machine was spectacular. First off the Battery Life is truly fantastic. Lenovo estimates it at 9 hrs, we got 7 hrs while video editing( which is power intensive) & about 10 hrs- 11 hrs on regular use. Lenovo did and excellent job of cranking out the most out of the devices 4 cell battery. Plus it comes with a USB 3.0 port, 2 USB 2.0 ports, Full Ethernet Jack, Full HDMI-out and rapid charge port- which should be essential on every laptop out there. another aspect to which Lenovo put in some really good effort, was in the speakers and audio of the Flex 14, which comes with T rich stereo sound, while Dolby Advanced Audio provides an immerse audio experience, enhances audio quality, and reduces distortion. Overall I really like the Flex 14; one of my favorite Lenovo mid range Laptops was the U410 and I can see the Flex 14 easily replacing that as the perfect mid-range laptop. Borrowing design elements from their award winning Yoga line and infusing it to the Flex 14 really shows Lenovo is committed to innovating in that space as well  as providing quality and solid performance. Now if the only would add backlit keys, the flex 14 would be the Perfect Mid-range laptop/Ultrabook