Lenovo Arcade Dock X1 By Dean Liou- ThinkPad 20th Anniversary

20120808_210914 At Lenovo’s 20th  anniversary for the ThinkPad Booredfemme got a chance to chat with chat with Dean Liou pro modder about his super cool and awesome Lenovo Acrade X1 mod . Which houses a Lenovo Laptop and a ThinkPad X1….

Let’s start at the beginning of my journey to create the X1 Arcade Dock mod, on June 14th, one month into the project.  I filmed the final result on October 9th, nearly six months after I first put my pencil on the drawing board. Fear not, good readers, as it wasn’t six whole months of non-stop sleepless modding — it was closer to just 10 weekends of blood, sweat and tears*. Hey, I gotta work during the week, ya know?  And together with my wife, we have two kids to worry about (*tears were mostly theirs).

This is my second arcade dock project, which is essentially an encore to the first arcade dock I created last year – a 15″ widescreen IdeaPad Y560 built as an homage to Street-Fighter.  It featured a joystick and eight buttons based on a standard bar-top arcade kit purchased online and modified to fit the dock.

This second project was much more ambitious as I wanted to create everything from scratch in terms of the cabinet and physical structure. My formula and objectives were as follows:

1. Cut out the middleman arcade kit purchase (why buy and end up modding it anyway?)

2. Design my OWN arcade kit instead, with all the fittings to be a laptop dock

3. Make it awesome and MASS-producible…

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